Sea Salt Therapy Review

by ky1start on September 12, 2015

Sea Salt Therapy Review by Melanie Yunk In January, I caught a terrible virus. It turned to Viral Pneumonia and I was chronically and severely ill for three months. Once the virus was gone, my lungs did not recover and the allergies I’ve suffered from for many years became more severe than ever. Due to […]

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Caregiver Burnout

by ky1start on March 10, 2014

Recognizing and Preventing Caregiver Burnout  A sick or disabled family member can require regular assistance from friends and family. The stress on an individual in need of assistance seems to be generally well known, whereas the stress on the caregivers is less so. Having the information to help recognize caregiver burnout and prevent it can […]


Credit Card Registration Scams

June 15, 2013

Recently, I tried to activate a credit card and called the toll free number. Now I understand that there are all types of creative ways to make money but I find that those businesses that use a miss-typed phone number to be among the slimiest. In this case, I dialed 877 instead of the required […]

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Aging and Indebted Students

November 21, 2012

A recent statistic that I read in AARP states that “17% of the nation’s student loan debt of $870 billion is owned by adults age 50 and older”. What that tells me is both encouraging and alarming. If this many mature and aging citizens are in debt over their education there is some serious need […]

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Fixing Microsoft Word Crashes.

July 3, 2012

What I learned fixing Microsoft Word crashes Several weeks ago I was working on a client document when the application “Microsoft Word” crashed. I had spent the better part of 3 hours working on revising a document and fixing edits all while traveling at 80 mph returning from Southern California. Now, ideally I like to try to remember […]

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Biomimicry as a Sustainable Practice

April 20, 2012

Recently, I was listening to KQED radio as I was retuning home from an event. The program referred to as “Natural Magic” was featuring a number of speakers considered bioneers for their work in developing research and practices that are designed to reduce our impact on the planet we live. One of the most compelling […]

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