Aging and Indebted Students

by ky1start on November 21, 2012

A recent statistic that I read in AARP states that “17% of the nation’s student loan debt of $870 billion is owned by adults age 50 and older”. What that tells me is both encouraging and alarming. If this many mature and aging citizens are in debt over their education there is some serious need to stay current with new technology and information in just about every business sector.

The alarm comes from the fact that so many people need to get loans to pay for school. In some cases the need is for more than school such as room and board or helping to feed a family while taking time for classes. Regardless of the reason education and education funding is a crucial area of need for our aging population.

Ideas for the Future

The possibilities brought about by helping to educate our older population are beyond number. History shows that many of the great cultural and scientific contributions came from older individuals; some were in their 80s when they did their best work. Some ideas for expanding the education horizon include:

  1. Reduce higher education tuition for seniors by 70%
  2. Added tax breaks for seniors in school
  3. Federally funded tuition reimbursement for those over age 55
  4. Work for history where tuition is waived for older students willing to share professional experiences to enrich younger students

The key to providing these benefits is so that these new students can expand their value over their entire lifetime not just the first careers. Today’s college age students and seeing firsthand how the addition of older students makes for a rich learning experience.

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