Sea Salt Therapy Review

by ky1start on September 12, 2015

Sea Salt Therapy Review

by Melanie Yunk

In January, I caught a terrible virus. It turned to Viral Pneumonia and I was chronically and severely ill for three months. Once the virus was gone, my lungs did not recover and the allergies I’ve suffered from for many years became more severe than ever.

Due to chemical sensitivities, the use of inhalers, steroids and a nebulizer caused severe side effects. I was diagnosed with asthma after many tests.

As a roller derby skater who skated and worked out at least 4 days a week, I was pretty frustrated.

My Naturopathic Doctor, Connie Hernandez, gave me supplements that helped to open up my lungs. They helped a little, but not enough to get me back to work and skating.

Dr. Hernandez recommended Sea Salt Therapy in Campbell, CA, a Northern European treatment that is now coming to the U.S. At this point, I would’ve sat in a barrel of monkey dung if I thought it would help. I figured a sea salt “mine” couldn’t hurt.


I called and spoke to the owner, Angela, about my condition. She recommended an hour in the salt 12 to 24 times in the first month and then a one or two times a week for maintenance.

My Pulmonologist was all for it and anything else natural that might help since his medicine couldn’t help me.

So, off I went to the salt mine, 6 days a week with a 30-mile drive each way. The trip would take three hours each day to complete including sitting in the salt, but I faithfully showed up 5 or 6 days a week.

I met a women who had asthma and allergies for 55 years. She claimedthey’re both gone and she’s been coming to salt therapy for a year. Once a week for maintenance is all she needs to keep her condition under control.

Others offered similar stories. One woman drives all the way from Fresno to sit in the salt once a month. She claims sea salt therapy saved her life.

After my first month, I had a lot more energy, and I was starting to work a couple of hours some days. I tried to ride my stationary bike but had an attack and had to stop.

Angela encouraged me to sit for another month, 5 or 6 days a week. I committed. Drive, drive, drive, sit in the peaceful salt room for 45 ‘minutes and drive, drive, drive. 6 days a week.

In my third month, I went to salt twice a week for two hours instead of one. I felt much better. My stamina was recovering; I worked longer hours on some days; my voice has recovered, breathing is less difficult and my stress level is better.

Now, I sit in the salt every Saturday for 2 hours. That’s all I need to keep my lungs healthy.

I definitely attribute my progress to the sea salt therapy and recommend it for anyone suffering from any of the conditions claimed to be treated. Asthma, COPD, Bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis, acne and more. Seriously, what’s a few hours of your time if it improves your health?

Angela is extremely accommodating, friendly and a great sounding board since she started this business out of necessity to treat her own asthma. She has the only spa in the area and people come from Sacramento, Fresno and all over the Bay Area for treatment.

Sea Salt 2

The rooms are covered in sea salt on the floor and walls with Himalayan salt blocks in the corners that light up to provide a soft pink ambient light. Each room hold 5 comfortable chairs and ottomans. The children have their own room so they can feel free to move about without disturbing anyone.

A small generator blows microscopic particles of salt into the air for 45 minutes each hour. The sound of the motor mixes with the soothing music from Angela’s Ocean Waves channel on Pandora to provide a relaxing environment.

After each session, I drive home and either relax for the rest of the day because I’m pretty much done for the day, or I’m completely energized and I can go back to work or whatever else I’d like to do. I guess the difference is my level of allergy on any particular day or what the salt is processing.

The concept for this treatment is that the microscopic particles can reach the deepest parts of the lungs where the salt attaches to the gunk that needs to come out, dislodges it and then the body can cough it up. Sounds gross and some days it is pretty gross, but it works, so who cares, right? Some days I cough and hack the whole time and for hours after. Other days not so much.

It’s a process. A good one. I highly recommend sea salt therapy and if you’ve read this far, you probably have a similar situation. I hope you’ll consider giving Angela a call.

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