SEO for Web Page Titles

September 1, 2011

If you ever wonder what page element has the most impact on search placement, look not further than the page title. The page title or “meta title” is the single most influential element that tells the search engine crawler the target content of a give web page. The page title is also the text that […]

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Barefoot Running

September 6, 2010

I just started back to running, well, more like fast walking or a slow jog after a 10 year break. The thought of running has always stayed with me. It provided relief from stress and allowed me to clear my head when life was most challenging. I was pretty fit and did quite a bit […]

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SEO Link Strategies

March 11, 2010

Understanding links: The value of links in the practice of SEO is incredibly high. Once the basics of SEO such as keyword usage in the title, H1 and content have been addressed we need to turn our attention to the use of links. It is important to mention here that when we talk about linking […]

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Top Six SEO Tactics

February 19, 2010

An explanation of my top 6 SEO tactics that yield the highest return in terms of organic search relevance.

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Making Web Marketing Actionable

June 16, 2009

One of the biggest challenges for many web marketing executives is taking all the great data that comes from web servers, analytics programs and the like and turn it into “actionable” information. By actionable, I mean that there is a clear set of possible actions that one can glean from the data. One example, might be to […]

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